About Zebra Homes

We are pleased to offer our ‘Home Enhancement’ service that’s key focus is to identify and to both reform and enhance the most attractive elements of your home

And to prepare the property for marketing in the real estate market, whether for rental or sale.

Its key objective is to improve the presentation of the property in order to make it more attractive for potential buyers or tenants and thus increase the possibilities of selling or renting it in the shortest time possible and with the greatest benefit for its owner.

Our team can review and discuss the set of applied techniques that are aimed at converting the home into an attractive, cosy and neutral place so that more visitors feel comfortable and can visualise living in your property upon purchase.

After the enhancements have been applied, the negotiation with the possible clients is made easier since the best elements of your property are highlighted in the best way and therefore it helps to sell it at its true value.

We highly recommend this quick, easy and cost-effective service when it comes to selling your home and it acts as an indispensable practice if you want to sell or rent your home with Zebra Homes real estate Guardamar.

We are confident that our ‘Home Enhancement’ service increase the exposure of your property and help ensure that properties are sold or rented quickly and at a better price.

Decoration & interior design

Our team at Zebra Homes collaborates with several decoration and interior design studios, well-established in the area,

The team at Zebra Homes will help manage and control the entire process so that you do not have to worry and can enjoy the development of your Project. Our combined experience of more than 50 years in the real estate sector allows us to include all the professions involved in the sale, after sales, and designs.

We are specialists in Customszed Reforms, we have a wide knowledge of the materials used, the most modern techniques and a professional team committed to your project and illusions, so that your dreams come true at the most competitive price in the market, without intermediaries, greatly reducing the reform costs.

Most important investments

We recognise that buying any property is one of the most important investments you may choose to make especially when you are also buying a property in another country.

Design, decoration and interiors adapted to your lifestyle.

The passion for our work and desire to improve, motivates us and helps us to carry out your project, the search for creative and individualised solutions that suits your style and way of life, taking care of every detail to build your home with you.

Project Management

We are able to offer the Department of Project Management within Zebra Homes to assist our clients with any larger projects they may desire. It is highly professionalised, and it is, without a doubt, an essential support for the complexity of current real estate projects.

It has the necessary technical support for clients during the extensive real estate executions processes, Project Management team have the methodology to plan, organize and manage activities and resources to achieve the objectives of the project in which it is necessary to coordinate multiple disciplines.

The objective is to add value to the project and to avoid risk, helping to coordinate and aligning the constructive solutions with the financial objectives established by the property.

• Perform a detailed study of the viability of the Project.
• Select the technical team
• Will be responsible for the design, writing, planning and execution of projects.
• Direct, manage and coordinate from the design phase to the execution phase, guaranteeing execution in time, cost and quality.
• Management of the documentation associated with the project, preparation of offers, budgets, reports, prepare and define clauses and contractual agreements.
• Establish the planning of the work.
• Control and supervise the implementation of the project.
• Responsible for the economic monitoring of the project, and for controlling possible deviations.
• Manage all types of incidents that may arise, monitoring the auction of works with contractors, as well as the economic closure; carry out the transfer ofinformation, documentation and guarantees to end users.
• Relationship skills with end customer.
• Negotiation capacity and strategic vision, communication skills.
• Very dynamic, decisive person with leadership capacity, accustomed to working in teams and in situations that involve knowing how to prioritize tasks
• Create and develop a policy of continuous improvement.


The Project Management team at Zebra Homes will help plan, manage and control all the technical and financial resources of any type of real estate development, throughout all its phases: