We help our clients

To solve any urban aspect that they may have to face.

from the analysis of the urban state & condition of the real estate assets to the planning management or the development of partial plans.

To do this, Zebra Homes can help manage and has specialised professionals with a deep knowledge of urban planning regulations and the commercial approach necessary to bring to fruition any Urban Project, whether for the development of:

Residential Urban Land
Industrial Land
Tertiary land


The land forms the basis of real estate activity.

In order to successfully implement development projects, it is essential to acquire the land at the right price and take into account, at the same time, the viability of development, legislative barriers.

As such, it is important to choose companies with the necessary experience and knowledge that knows how to navigate through the complex challenges of land development.

The services provided by Zebra Homes allows us to offer our extensive urbanisation experience in land development. Our team with more that 50 years combined experienced have frequently hired by national and international developers, landowners and investors who rely on our members loyal consulting services on land acquisition and divestment.

Our team at Zebra Homes can offer advice on individual land and land for large developments, for commercial and residential use. We carry out solid feasibility examinations on development proposals, while requesting urban planning permits.

Backed by our extensive market knowledge, advanced research and extensive experience, we guarantee that our clients take advantage of emerging opportunities while adding value to all levels of collaboration.

Our professional team at Zebra Homes help provide a unified vision of the viability of real estate operations, which includes urban planning advice from the search for project performance objectives.

We can participate in the definition of the technical agenda and strategy of the project, as well as its execution and effective management.

Total coverage of our Technical Urban Services, include:

• Segregations
• Planning management
• Urbanisation projects
• Partial plans – urban development
• Land use readjustment
• Prepare & coordinate Special plans
• Detailed study
• Urban development plans
• Urban consultations

Our projects

Zebra Homes projects

• Advice on planning, size and quality of work.
• Demographic and planning services
• Analysis of the urban state of real estate assets
• Representation before boards and official bodies
• Urban processing
• Monitoring of the urbanization process
• Development strategies
• Development Agreements
• Feasibility studies
• Acquisitions / divestments of land



• Location consulting
• Market research
• Occupational demand studies
• Portfolio analysis
• Land identification
• Rating
• Development of residential and commercial projects Experience
• Development of residential plans
• Development of commercial and industrial sectors

Industrial services

Manages the rental and sale of industrial properties, warehouses, industrial plots. Zebra Homes also advises clients on suitable developments of industrial estates and logistics centres.


Marketing of projects.

It develops marketing plans that include the most modern Marketing tools to guarantee the success of your logistic and industrial real estate project.

Intermediation in the rental and sale

Of all types of industrial properties optimising income and sales prices. It has a select portfolio of clients and databases making monthly demand statistics.

Search for real estate and industrial land

For business implementation. Study the different locations valid for the client. We develop implementation strategies with our team and estimates the occupation costs of each alternative.

Market Analysis and Research

Analyze the development, expansion and movement of industrial areas. We also advise our clients and owners on the possibilities of assets in the industrial sector.

Identification and selection of locations.

Determine the different possibilities of location, from zonal and general studies.

Rent reviews.

Administration and property management.